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FastMig M 320 is a multi-purpose power source, suitable for many applications. This unit is made for reliable everyday welding.

FastMig M series is a combination of modularity, ease of use and wide range of usage. These machines pack huge duty cycle performance into compact lean dimensions and wModular design
Two package options: Regular and Synergic
Multi-voltage power supply version available
WiseFusion™ option for easy and efficient welding out of position
All Wise™ optimization products
SuperSnake sub feeder for extended reach
MagTrac F 61 welding carriage for improved productivity.
MXF 67 EL Wire feeder:
EL wire feeder versions are suitable for synergic MS control panels. Flexibility and performance for all welding applications in today’s medium and heavy industries. This unit is compatible with 300 mm spool and is covered in a plastic casing.
MS control panel, which includes easy-to-use synergic functionality and a rich selection of additional features for optimizing your welding work. These packages are suitable for professional use in more demanding industrial applications. This panel is for MXF 65 EL and MXF 67 EL wire feeders.