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Returns, Cancellations and Claims

You shall not return any Goods to us without obtaining prior authorisation from us. Unauthorised returns will not be accepted. No returns will be accepted unless a copy of the relevant Invoice is enclosed with the returned Goods. A list of the Goods returned including product descriptions, quantity, date of return and the Customer's name and address must also be enclosed. All Goods must be returned in the original packaging and you shall be responsible for all damage incurred during return shipment. Subject to clause 14, if we accept the return of any Goods that have been ordered, we may charge you 20% of the Invoice price as a handling fee with freight costs and risk remaining your responsibility.

Change of mind - A request to return Goods for change of mind must be made within 5 Business Days of the date that the Goods are collected or delivered to you. You may return the Goods to our premises, but if they are shipped, freight charges must be paid by you. We will issue a refund, credit note or exchange only after Goods returned are either collected by our authorised representative or agent or returned to us, in our discretion. You must not deduct the amount of any anticipated refund or credit from any payment due to us. All Goods returned for change of mind must be of merchantable and reasonable quality such that the Goods are complete in their original packaging, not shop-soiled, are not price ticketed and are still listed in the current price list.

Cancellation - We will not accept cancellations or partial cancellations of an order placed in respect of Goods or Services (before Goods are delivered to you or collected, or the Services have been performed) unless we have first consented in writing to such cancellation or partial cancellation and unless a cancellation charge has been paid which, as determined by us, will indemnify us against all direct loss, without limitation. Cancellation will not be accepted on orders for Goods that are not regular stock which are in the process of manufacture or ready for shipment.

Complaints - Subject to clause 14, all complaints, claims, or notification of lost Goods, incomplete Goods or Services, Goods damaged in transit or Goods or Services that do not comply with your purchase order must be submitted to us in writing within 5 Business Days of delivery of the Goods or Services. We may issue a refund, credit note or exchange in respect of the Goods or Services. Otherwise, you are deemed to have accepted the Goods or Services and shall not refuse to pay for the Goods or Services on the basis that they were lost, incomplete, damaged in transit, or do not comply with your purchase order (as applicable).